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One of the strategies I use for attacking a colonies in Conquest of the New World is to develop specialized leaders. What I do is create leaders with 8 or 9 units and 8 or 9 attacks and load them entirely with artillery. I use these leaders to weaken an enemy colony. I use them in, 'raid attacks', I've found that when attacking other colonies using a mixture units. I sometimes cause the colony to retreat ( leaving me with no city left to use ) By using artillery exclusively I can control the battle more, and kill the enemy cavalry, it's important to attack first when using artillery, I then use a leader with a good Artillery/Cavalry mix of 10 to 12 units and 9 to 10 attacks to apply the final blow, so he gets the majority of points, after I have built him up to 18-24 units and 16-18 attacks I invest everything else into mobility. I follow him around with "Transport Leaders" these are leaders that have 5-6 units no additional attacks, but mobility of 12 or more. I use them to ferry fresh troops to my "Super Leader". I've found that once I hit a couple of colonies in quick succession I can march these armies up the coast and steamroll anything in my path.

Another strategy I use in Conquest of the New World is more tradtional in a sense. I use 2-4 leaders with 15 units maximum 6 artilley, 9 calvery and 1 odd unit and 7-9 attacks to attack a single city in one turn. Usually the colony is near the sea so I load the armies and have them set sail, NOTE: you will have to disassemble the armies to get them to fit on the ships. Reassemble the armies after disembarking. Then wait untill all your armies are ready and have them go. I usually use this strategy if I plan on keeping the city as my own.

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