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Advanced Help for Conquest of the New World

This section is for those who are past the easy level setting but still need a little help on Conquest of the New World.

1. Custom Games
2. Colonies
3. Natives
4. Independence
5. Diplomacy
7. Know your enemy

1. Custom Games
Winning Score= Don't go over 75k points unless you want a pretty much never ending game.
Land seeds= Number of/size of islands/continents, if you choose lots of land seed they'll usualy merge into a giant continent.
Water Seeds= Amount of water pretty much the same land seeds exept for water.
Reasources= If you want a harder game choose Scarce; Easier games should be Abundant.
Play Time Bonus= Gives you points if you complete you turn quickly.
Movement= More/less mountians, swamps, etc.
Difficulty= Self explanitory.

2. Specializing Colonies
After you build you first colony and have explored a decent amount of land. You should be looking for a spot to build a new colony. If your first colony was lacking in metals ,for example, then you would look for a new colony either by the head (the starting point) of the river at a mountian or in a polar reigon by mountians. Send a settler with a leader and maybe a couple units then feed the it everything it needs to start off without it syphoning too much from your main colony. After awhile it should be producing enough metals to support your first colony and maybe many more depending on how many mines you have. Continue to do this until you have atlest one food, wood, metal, gold(optional), and a cookiecutter colonies. Food colonies usally have a lot of forts simply because they SHOULD be settled on flatlands and have the space. Avoid putting too many forts in gold/metal mining colonies, since they usally take up too much good minging space.

Cookie cutter colonies/generic colonies are just as they sound the same or rip offs. They are made to be self sufficient with a little trade with Europe. I usally make mine on flat lands so that theres room for everyting.

3. Natives
The natives are for very experianced players. The Natives have a ton of disatvantages such as armies, cities, leaders, etc. cannot be over level 2, They cannot trade, unless they're in a multi game, their armies are very slow, lower production, and many more.
I have played the natives before and if you do a warning of caution, when you choose to start to federate the tribes make sure you have a decent army. The natives send out large war parties to your colonies sometimes much larger than what you would face if you attacked the tribes home. Take atvantage of the massive gold bonus, even on the flatest land tiles away from a mountian, the gold mines still produce gold, however little.
Build tons of colonies this is needed to balence out your puny colonies with the massive european colonies. Also keep armies out far from your colonies at a choke point to ambush the europeans if they decide to pay you a vist. Also remeber try to keep the europeans fighting agianst each other so that you can grow more powerfull, or you can consantly sabatoge their colonies which helps alot. And a note for sea based attackes agianst you, you need like 5 level 2 ships to take out one lv.4 one so have a large navy too. So in short as a native more is AWLAYS better.

4. Indepencence
Declaring independence is VERY important especially when taxes have skyrocketed to over 3k. Before declareing indepence make sure your colonies are well stocked with lv. 4 units and a specialized defence general preferably with 12 attack. On the very hard levels timing is VERY important for indepenece you must only declare when the mother country is at war, or below hostility rating, with like 3 other countries or eles you'll feel the full wrath of the mother country, she can send 30+ units in peace time. Also she will send more untits to more important cities, Duh, so put your important cities defences at max.

Oh and make sure you at lest, preferably more, make this much.
1. gold + 1000 or a huge stockpile
2. metals + 100
3. goods + 125
4. woods + 100
5. crops anything as long as its not negitive

5. Diplomacy
There isn';t much that diplomay does. After playing awhile you'll see what i mean. The AI will attack you regardless even if your at alliance plus they dont help you if your in trouble. Peace only lasts a few turns, give them enough time to withwarl and then all of thoose armies will pop right back out of the cities they were resting in.

6. Reasearch
There are 3 catagoreies of reasearch. 1 Offennsive is exactly what its says, your units will be more powerfull offensively. 2 Defensive like offenceive yoru units become more powerfull when defending, at later stages this isn't very usefull. 3 Leader it gives you more leader points that are REALLY usefull.

7. Know Your Enemy
Don't try to second guess what your opponents are going to do keep track of your opponents moves as the game progresses. If an opponent fields large armies regularly, and he only has a couple of forts in a single colony, you can guess he/she probably chose the Conqueror option. If he/she avoids contact with you despite having a large colony just down the road, well, he's probably a Colonist. With a some of skill you should be able to block your opponent's goals while using your own abilities to the fullest.
Usually the peacefull ones get knocked out eariler so you dont have to worry about them.

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