Castle of Eliv Thade

Play Castle of Eliv Thade

Quick Guide to Playing Castle of Eliv Thade
By: Deanne Bianca

You can try this little trick:
1~ Open in a NEW WINDOW (or a TAB for Mozilla FireFox) the anagram solver:

2~ Play the game as shown by in this gif, click on the link to watch the guide: Watch the slide show (GIF format, 350kb)

3~ Continue doing it. Keep moving 3 spaces and guessing 7 letter words. Just don’t step on the cracks.

Play it 3 times. You’ll get 1,000 NP per completed round. You can get 3,000 NP a day!

*~Don’t move to the cracks to be safer
*~Scaredy Cat (Easy)
-move 1 space (4 letters) = 1 point
-move 2 spaces (5 letters) = 3 points
-move 3 spaces (6 letters) = 6 points
*~Super Brave (hard)
-move 1 space (5 letters) = 2 point
-move 2 spaces (6 letters) = 5 points
-move 3 spaces (7 letters) = 10 points
*~Rooms = 50 points


Use Andy’s Anagram Solver: The anagram solver doesn’t always find the right words, so if that happens you’ll have to try your best to figure something out. Keep in mind that some of the answers include words Neopets made up. (Thanks, Foo!)

Type in "rehaxtint" in the "Answer" field, then erase it to get a hint. (Thanks, Mike)

Thanks to Devyndryn, the above is not the only way to get an extra hint. You can type rehaxtint (extra hint, for those who don’t want to figure it out) at any time. If you have the sound turned on, you’ll hear a scream, signaling that you have entered it correctly. The next time you click on a space, the extra hint will be there for you.

Keep in mind, however, that this is one use only.

When you use the crossword finder for Castle of Eliv Thade, sometimes you might get multiple answers. So use a hint in the game to give away the first letter or first two letters. I don’t reccomend finding the third you wouldn’t want to waste your hints. -mystyery_man?

Additional Anagram Solvers: (Thanks, Deanne Bianca!)

This anagram engine has advanced features that allow the user to display either a list of individual words or complete phrases that can be made from the scrambled letters. (Thank you to The Mad Jesuit)

This anagram solver is just for the game Eliv Thade. Anagram Solver (Thanks Brandy465)

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