Challenge (Greeting) Cards


The previous list was deleted and now we are trying to gather up all the challenge cards that earn you neopoints. So sorry this happened. IF ANYONE HAS ANY LINK TO CONTRIBUTE, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!!! Thanks to IVY and SCOTT for finding the following links.

Here is the link to the Neopets Cards:

  • Send NeoGreeting
  • Gift Tags
  • dragnldy1313
    SCNH Staff

  • Dress A Pet 150 nps
  • Sony Ericsson 1 100 nps
  • Sony Ericsson 2 100 nps
  • Trix Homerun Derby 100 nps
  • Greetings from Movie Mountain 100 nps
  • Berry Lucky Charms 100 nps
  • Charlottes Web 100 nps
  • Flushed Away 100 nps
  • FruitTwistables 50 nps
  • Madagascar 100 nps
  • Mario Greetings 100 nps
  • Sultan’s Quest 100 nps
  • Sushipack 100 nps
  • *Click to start the game and then click end game. Then send a card.
    *You are limited up to about 9-10 games to send a card but it doesn’t hurt to try for more.

  • Fashion Fever 100 nps
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