Choosing a Guild

Selecting a guild takes time.  The first thing you should do is visit the Guild Information

Look around.├é┬á Check out the different neighborhoods you would prefer to be in.├é┬á If it doesn’t matter which neighborhood you want, just scroll down to the bottom and do a search for a particular type of guild, such as Harry Potter, Twilight, wrestling etc.├é┬á

Look at the number of members a guild has.  It depends on your preference.  If you like being involved with a lot of people, then look for a guild that has a large number of members.  If not, select one that has the least amount.

Look to see how many council members there are.├é┬á If the council slots are full or near full, check their online status.├é┬á Have they been on in the last couple of days?├é┬á If not, and it’s been months since they’ve been online, then move on to├é┬áyour next choice.├é┬á Council members need to be active.├é┬á

Ask questions.  Write to the council members.  Find out more about the guild, what they do interesting in the guild.  Do they play games?  Do they offer help?  Do they abide by the T&C of Neopets? 

If a guild is advertising Newbie Packs, Prizes and Contests, this is strictly against the T&C of Neopets.├é┬á You don’t want to be mixed up with a guild that does not abide by the rules.├é┬á

If├é┬áyou feel comfortable with your selection,├é┬áclick the├é┬ájoin icon on the left side of the guild home page.├é┬á If, later, you find it’s not the right guild for you, you can always leave.├é┬á You are not obligated to stay.├é┬á

Beware of newer guilds that ask for donations to their guild shop.  A lot of guilds will ask for items to be donated to the guild shop and you get nothing back in return.  Or, they place the items in the guild shop and once they get what they want, they shut down the guild or leave with the goods.

Just make sure the guild is abiding by the├é┬áT&C. Once you access this link,├é┬áhold down the Ctrl key and press F – type in the word guild and then click find.├é┬á This will take you to the guild information.├é┬á Once you have read it, click Find again to take you to the next section.├é┬á This is very informative.├é┬á

Good luck and happy guild hunting – dragnldy1313

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