How to Get a Draik Neopet

By: Virtualneo64
Comments in italics By: Scott

Note: If you are very lucky, you can buy a Draik Egg from the Merifood shop during restocks. (Thanks, Cosmo!)

Here are the steps to get a Draik:

1: First you should look up how much a Draik’s egg is usually worth. You should probably use the trading post, because there are usually a lot of Draik eggs for trade. When I checked, most Draik egg owners are asking for over 2 million NP for an egg. Don’t even try the shop wizard because the prices will always end up over 100,000 NP. As things over 100,000 NP cannot be bought from stores, the eggs are only there for display .

2: Next, pick the type of Draik egg you want. The different types are Red Draik Eggs, Blue Draik Eggs, Green Draik Eggs, Dairigan Draik Egg ( submitted by maryssa!, thanks for finding the pic, unipuppy2!), Ice (thanks Diana) and Yellow Draik Eggs.

3: When you find the Draik egg you want, (They’re usually 2 million or higher) you have to make the money for it. If you already have the money at hand, congratulations! But if you don’t, I suggest you play a lot of games, as this process may take days, or weeks. I usually like to play Turmac Roll, because there are usually times when you get 1000 np from each play. You should also try the following games: Meerca Chase, 200 meter Peanut Dash, Dubloon Disaster, etc.

FYI: Also here’s another tip. You should open a shop with low prices. It should preferrably contain faeries, neggs, codestones and paint brushes and other things people always look for. You can sell anything you would like to, as long as you make a profit, but faeires, neggs, codestones and paintbrushes sell the fastest. Always have your prices low, so that it is a little bit lower than the shop wizard’s lowest prices. You should also restock your shop a lot.

4: After you have the money, buy it! Trade the money and maybe some good items to the user who is selling it. After that, you should have it!

5: The last step is to go to the Draik’s nest, where your Draik will hatch from the egg. The URL is:

6: Enjoy your new, but expensive, Draik!

BTW, there is one more way to get a Draik, but it’s just as expensive. You can trade for a Draik Transmogrification potion at the Mystery Island Trading Post, they usually go for 1 million NP too. Then once you have the potion feed it to your pet and then volia you have a brand new Draik. Oh yea, you should probably buy a paint brush to make your Draik look normal.

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