How To Get Krawk Neopet

There are 2 ways to get a Krawk as a Neopet. The first is the most
popular and expensive. The second way to get a Krawk in Neopets is
slightly easier and MUCH cheaper, although it will still cost a large
amount of neopoints.

Path #1

Some people knew of Krawks as high-end petpets. However you are now
able to mutate your beloved Krawk petpet into a Krawk Neopet. A Krawk
petpet can be bought or obtained through the trading, auctions, and
VERY rich & kind Neofriends. Your won’t EVER find a buyable Krawk
petpet on the shopwizard.

Step 1: Make sure you do not have 4 Neopets.
Step 2: Get a Krawk Petpet.

Step 3: Give the Krawk Petpet to one of your Neopets.
Step 4: Go to your Pet’s Quick reference page and click on the Krawk.
Step 5: Then name the Krawk a name that is not taken already by another Neopet.
Step 6:) Go to the Fungus Caves.You will be given the option to feed your Krawk Petpet some special Fungus.
After eating it, the Krawk will mutate into a Neopet Krawk!
This option will cost about 3 million Neopoints.

Path #2

Buy a Krawk Transmogrification Potion from the trading post and have your pet drink it. It will turn that Neopet into a Krawk Neopet. It will not

create a new Neopet for you. This option costs over 2 million NP. Also
you’ll need a paintbrush to change your Krawks color, unless you like
mutant Krawks.

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