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Quick Start Guide to Conquest of the New World

The period in which you start of in Conquest of the New World is the most critical in the entire game. If you land in a horrible spot I would definatly restart unless you like the game extremely difficult.

When your 2nd colony ship (after the one with the explorers any your initial general) arrives you must place your first colony ASAP, try to locate an optimal site many turns before, not that you have that much time but try. This colony is going to be the only source of income for dozens of turns, so you must place it in a good spot or you'll be left behind as your inferior enemies grow. Make sure it's by good terrain for generating wood and metals (go to the Placing Buildings section if you need help) is available nearby. You'll also need a nearby coast line or river to allow you to trade with your home country. in Conquest of the New World with the mother country is essential to become powerful and self-sufficent in time. Always explore around a potential colony site before settling it; you need to look thu the surrounding territory for flat land so that that, when you upgrade your colony center, there's plenty of room to build on to.

Once you have settled your colony center, you're ready to place buildings. Build as many mills and a few metal mines ,examine building sites for any production bonuses by holding the buildings shadow over it. You'll also need a couple house and a farm to keep your colonists housed and bloated the farm and dock can be placed later however. Build a gold mine in you can; they don't provide much this early in the game, and when you trade your excess of metal, wood, and/or food you'll build up your treasury. Once your treasury is looking a ok, obtain some goods from the mother country. Build up commercial structures with them, DO NOT upgrade with them. You should have a good colony now with lumber, food, metals, and some goods. You've now got or should have a very decent colony to make a Conquest of the New World, see I made a pun! *hears crickets cherping*
The number of buildings you just built probably doesn't leave much room for growth; it's now upgrade your colony center. When it's upgraded you can start upgrading your initial mines and mills; to increase their production.
Don't let your colonists to sit around all day; make sure you have enough jobs. They still eat just as many crops as the workers do, whether they work or not. If your population grows too quickly, demolish the churches and a house or two. That should make some people leave.

Building an Army

When you recruit military units, make sure you have a good mix of infantry, cavalry and artillery. Make sure you keep a large force in the colony itself. Native American war parties in Conquest of the New World aren't very powerful so don't worry about them. Once you have a strong and large garrison, you can become more aggressive. Leaders are vital for successful armies. Now that you've upgraded your colony center, you can recruit more commanders with more units, attacks, movement, etc. Leaders and units improve in two ways: by pouring money in war colleges, and by gaining experience on the battlefield.

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