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Welcome to the Capitalism II Agglomerate

I hope you get at least a little bit of the information that you came for. I'm really not all that experienced with Capitalism II, yet. I'm probably what you would consider a medium level player. If you would like to make this site a first rate center to learn about Capitalism II feel free to email me using this form and submit a tip, exploit, or strategy. In case your wondering agglomerate means a collection or mass of something. The Capitalism II Agglomerate is supposed to be a collection, or mass if I get sloppy, of information, tips, hints, and the lone cheat code for Capitalism II.

Oh, and if you came to see stuff on Capitalism I urge you to buy this game. It is used by a lot of business schools to teach the basics of Capitalism. It doesn't go too far in-depth but if you want a basic course about Capitalism this game will teach you a lot. Also if you have a smart kid that who wants to, or you want them to, learn about Capitalism then this game should capture their attention for at least a few days.

Capitalism II Agglomerate News

6/13 I got back from Washington and turned revamped the layout. I hope that it works for you guys and gals. Oh and if you have some friends that play Capitalism II and would like to send in a guide or something please tell them to email me.

Description: Find tips, hints, and a review for this business and capitalism simulation game.

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