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SimCity 2000 Center

Welcome to the SimCity 2000 Center. I created this small website to add to my growing collection of simulation and strategy game sites. My main goal is for you to get the information on SimCity 2000 that you want as quickly and easily as it can be done. All the cheats are seperated by the operating system that are used to play Sim City 2000. Also there are tips, hints, tricks, and how to do stuff pages for SimCity 2000. I will be adding downloads as soon as i can get my old Windows 95 computer hooked up again since all of my old games are on it. I might make a SimCity 3000 section when I have some extra time.

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Feel free to email me if you have a question that isn't answered in the FAQ, if you want to send in a game, or if you want to add something to this website.

News for SimCity 2000 Center

8/11 Got SimCity 4 it's the greatest game ever!
7/9 Making new pages for Sim City 2000 Center.
6/13 Added revamped a couple things to make the site easier to navigate.
5/11 New Layout hope you like it!
5/3 Grand Opening of the SimCity 2000 Center!

Status of Site
The SimCity 2000 Center is 100% complete!

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