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Cheat Codes for SimCity 2000 Windows 95/98/XP

Wrong Version of SimCity 2000?
SimCity 2000 Cheats for the DOS and Mac versions

I love cheating while playing SimCity 2000. I mean seriously it's not like anythings there to stop you and it just gives you more room to learn. Usually i hate cheating, but I learned how to build cities without cheating long before i found the codes. I recomend learning how to play with LOADS of money so that you can always undo building that coal power plant next to your houses. I would really like to see a sandbox mode where all you do is build and stuff, without worring about the budget. There probably is a sandbox mode in SimCity 2000 but I just haven't found it yet.

To enter cheat codes:
Simply start typing the cheat code during game play. They will not trigger any hot keys.

Cheats for Windows 95/98/XP:

buddamus - WARNING! Causes a Nuclear Meltdown!
cass - gives you $250, but if used too many times, a firestorm will occur.
fund - lets you take out a $10,000 loan at 25%.
joke - tells a joke.
gilmartin - asks you if you want a military base.
imacheat - Adds $500,000 to total funds.
mrsoleary - starts a fire
noah - supposed to cause a major flood.
priscilla - adds a "debug" menu which gives quick access to money, rewards, major disasters, and more!
Klatu Verata Nictu (network edition only!)- send this text to all players in the chat window; an audio clip will play and a window will appear allowing you to change the prices of items in the game and to access all rewards and special tiles.

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