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SimCity 2000 Cheats for Windows/DOS and Mac

Here are the cheat codes for the other versions of SimCity 2000. Most of them are the same as the SimCity 2000 Cheats for Win 95, but there are fewer cheat codes. To enter the cheat codes in any of the versions of SimCity simply enter in the letters while playing SimCity 2000. Also pause your city just in case you accidently hit a 'hot key'.

SimCity 2000 Cheats for Windows 3.1:

buddamus - It gives you lots of money, $500K, and all the rewards available in Sim City 2000.
cass - It gives you $250, however it may cause a firestorm to occur. Avoid using it, unless you like fire storms, and use buddamus instead since it's so much better. 'oiavizmir' is also a great cheat too.
joke - The game tells a joke.
noah - Starts a huge flood, sort of like a hurricane but MUCH bigger. Your city's entire coast line, or water front, land may disappear beneath the waves if you enter it in a couple times. Also it doesn't cause any wind damage.
moses - Stops the flood, but not the damage.
gilmartin - Asks you if you want a military base, to build.
oiavizmir - Adds a "debug" menu which gives quick access to get money and rewards, cause major disasters, and much more fun stuff. Just like 'priscilla' in the Windows 95 version.
mrsoleary - Starts a fire.
gomorahh - Makes your nuclear power plants meltdown.

SimCity Cheats for DOS:

The DOS version has some pretty weak cheats, imho, compared to the other versions, its a pity.
cass - gives you $250, but if used too many times, a firestorm will occur.
fund - lets you take out a $10,000 loan at 25%.memy - performs a memory check.
torg - gets you $500,000 (version 1.10 only).
vers - gives you your game's version info.

SimCity 2000 cheats for Macintosh:

cass - gives you $250, but if used too many times, a firestorm will occur.
fund - lets you take out a $10,000 loan at 25%.
joke - tells a joke.
vers - gives you your game's version info.

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