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Frequently Asked Questions about SimCity 2000

Okay, Accually I made this up by myself. I really didn�t want my email flooded with questions about SimCity 2000, so i took the time to build this quick and easy FAQ about SimCity 2000 page.

Q: What type of power plant are the best to use in SimCity 2000?
A: If your city�s budget isn�t in the red or if you�ve built up a good surplus, the normal way or through cheating, fusion power plants are the best source of power. Otherwise try using Hydro dams to get power, it will take TONS of them to get a decent amount of energy flowing. Both are pretty cost-effective and pollution free.

Q: Why should I use light zones over heavy zones in SimCity 2000?
A: Aesthetics and lifestyle. Not everyone wants to live or work in high rise apartment or office building. Light zones have a lower population, therefore less crime, therefore requires less police protection than heavy zones. If you need to zone an oddly shaped piece of land that wouldn't hold a 2X2 or 3X3 building, you might as well use light instead of heavy and save a little cash. If you want a busy metropolis instead of a quaint SimCity then by all means use the denser zones.

Q: What's all this stuff about connections?
A: All cities must be connected in one way or another. In SimCity 2000 there is no way to stay isolated and still prosper. You must build Airports, Seaports, road, highway, and rail connections.

Q: I�ve built like a thousand water pumps. Yet, my SimCity still gets water shortages?
A: Make sure your water pumps are connected to the power plants and are right next to freshwater, then check to see if your pumps are connected to your water grid, then check to see if your water pipes connect all the blocks.

Q: I built loads of water pumps at the edge of my SimCity, but all the water seems to be going to the center of the city. What�s happening?
A: You need more water pumps, and since you don�t have enough all the water is being sent to one area.

Q: The newspaper just reported that some other city built an arcology. Why can't I?
A: Once arcologies have been invented, you still must have a population of 120,000 before you can build one.

Q: How can I improve the conditions in my arcologies?
A: The same way you'd improve conditions anywhere else. Place parks nearby to increase property value, build a police station to control crime, add water and power.

Q: Do the Launch Arcos really take off?
A: Yes, after time they will, also if you have a lot they�ll take off sooner.

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