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Stupid things no one told me about in SimCity 2000

The title says it all. Here are a few of the tings i picked up on in SimCity 2000 that really should have been told to me.

Only tiles that have immediate contact to power, either next to another building or next to a power line, are powered. Also every block must be connected through a wire, over a road.

Power plants, with the exception of hydro dams and windmills, have a 50 year life. After that, they blow up and must be replaced. The newspapers should warn you a few years before they blow, that they�re getting old.
Note: If you have disasters turned off, your power plants are automatically replaced when they reach 50 years of age, if you have the money to replace them, that is. The cost of replacement is automatically deducted from the treasury of your SimCity.

What's the difference between causeways, raising bridges, and suspension bridges?
Causeways do not allow ships to pass. Raising bridges and suspension bridges both allow ships to pass. Raising bridges are cheaper than suspension bridges, but can only be a maximum of eleven tiles long.

How do I place a reinforced bridge in my SimCity?
First, select the Highway tool. Now, put your mouse cursor over the water where you'd like a reinforced bridge. If your "hot spot" (the area where an object will be placed) is highlighted on the water (see illustration, below left), click and drag across the water. You should now be offered a reinforced bridge (below, middle). The illustration below right shows two reinforced bridges next to each other.

Why won't the airport in my SimCity grow?
Airports won't grow if they're too small or don't have power. Make your airports at least 4x6 tiles, and run plenty of power lines through them. Airports grow all at once, so the whole airport must be powered.

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