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SimCity 2000 Tips and Hints

Here are a few tips I found and made up for SimCity 2000. You can email me some more, if you like. I�ll be updating this page periodically.

Random List of Tips for SimCity 2000:

- Arcologies will bring a lot of crime, so build police stations nearby.
- Building an airport will bring in more residents.
- When making zones, make sure power is connected or else your sims will not build.
- Use some form of public transit like buses, subways, or railroads to keep pollution down.
- To keep crime down, set funding to 70% or more and build police stations every 6 blocks or so, maybe more.
- Never use bonds they�ll just suck your money away!
- Don�t make zones too far from roads, or too far from each other.
- Water is not necessary, but if you want a dense population it is essential, very essential.
- A highway is useless without an onramp.
- Place you industrial zones on the edge of the map so that some of the pollution won't fall to you.
- Always make connections to your neighbors.
- You only need a few fire stations if you put it on no disasters.
- Build lots of schools near residential areas to help keep crime down.
- Once you have enough money lower taxes to help the population grow.
- Promotional ordinances can bring people to town.
- Once you have enough money by a fusion power plant if they are invented.
- You should zone by 1/2 Residential, 1/4 Commercial and Industrial.
- Read the newspapers regularly, they provide useful info and let you hear what the sims have to think.
- In areas with high crime build lots of parks.
- Whenever one of the gifts become available build it, it's free and it helps the city.
- When zoning, use dense for more population but more pollution or light for less of both.
- To avoid airplane crashes do not place dense zones near the airport.

Raising The Value of the Land in your SimCity:

- Build lots of parks!
- Make sure that you don't mix your zones, keep industrial zones away from residential.
- If you place industrial zones near the edge of the map, a lot of the pollution will travel outside the city!
- Especially, keep your industrial sections away, but not too far, from residential zones.
- Reduce traffic using bus stations, train and subways don�t do much!
- Place lots of trees! Combined with sloped, rolling land this adds value and a nice touch to any city.
- Sloped land, trees, water, and educational facilities will all boost the surrounding land values.
- Commercial zones can actually increase your land values.

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