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"There are no more excuses... you can now make a difference, with the click of a mouse"

Kofi Anan, General Secretary of the United Nations

Welcome, to Free Donation Directory (Formerly Free Click Charities.) You'll find free click donation/charity websites, that is websites that feature an option to click a button and see advertiser ads then a portion of the money the website gets from the advertiser goes to a charity. It sounds to good to be true, right? Well it's not, err at least most of the time, they are 100% real and real money goes to the charity. Anyways I screen all the websites every now and then to make sure that they at least LOOK like they're doing what they're supposed to be. All of the sites are seperated by the kind of charity that they support. So a site that donates to the rainforest will be listed under 'Eniviromental.'

If you don't feel like picking out the best charity sites from each catagory, I already have for your convenience. It's called Best Clicks. Want to go to other directories take a look at The Directory Archives.

Free Donation Charities News

11/13/02 Took off dead sites and edited some of the info.
6/20/04 Well I made a new layout to commemorate the opening of the site hopefully I'll finish what I started last year. :) Also we have a name change.
7/9/03 I'm having some trouble with the Humanitarian Free Click Charity information page so it might take awhile to finish.
6/25/03 I'm rewriting all the info pages, editing the site descriptions for errors, and checking for dead links. I just realized that Free Click Charities is in horrible shape. Hopefully I'll finish the changes to Free Click Charities in 5 days.

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