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Free Donation Directory: Humanitarian Projects

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Tarahumara Indian Tribe - Each donation helps the Tarahumara Children's Hospital privude services for the Tarahumara Indian Tribe who are loacted a few hours away from El Paso.

Woord Daad- You donate about 0.10, $0.10, with each click to help children in India or where ever they're donating too, btw it's in dutch the last time I checked you clicked a red link to donate, if your clueless go find you self someone who speaks dutch like I did.

End Homelessness Now - The mission of End Homelessness Now is to raise awareness, funds and activism for social justice issues/projects recognizing homelessness as one end result of specific societal problems. The sponser(s) pay $0.015 per click

About Humanitarians

What is a humanitarian?
A humanitarian is anyone who actively helps and promotes social reforms and human welfare.

What they do?
They help by giving their money or time to helping their fellow men. The principles of humanitarian action are as following:
  1. The right to life with dignity.
  2. The distinction between combatant and non-combatants.
  3. The principle of non-refoulement (meaning they can't turn away someone that will be tortured).

How you can help Volunteer at your local hospital, tick-or-treat for UNICF, join you local Key or Kiwanis Club, or give money to a charity that you think will do the most with it.

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