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Free Donation Directory: Environment

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Ecology Fund - The Ecology Fund allows your clicks to protect 146 square feet of land in Patagonia, the Rainforest, the USA, and many more every day, and it's legit in case your wondering.

Care2 Race for the Rainforest - You can donate to 1 of the 3 programs, rainforest, wetland, and prairie, Care2 has to offer for their environmental page.

I Want Clean Air - I Want Clean Air sends your free donation to your choice of one, or all, of the following the American Lung Association, GreenAction, Clean Air Conservancy, Sierra Club, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Land Care Niagara - Every 5 clicks plants a tree.

Red Jellyfish - Save the Rainforest - Each click saves 5.25 sq ft of rainforest. Note: you have to register to be able to click to donate.

About the Environment

Over 350 metric tons (385.8 Imperial or Standard tons) of hazardous wastes are produced each year by factories, cars, people, and pretty much everything we use. Many claim that the environment is as healthy as it ever was, but that’s not true. Fish stocks are low, water pollution is rising, the ozone layer of the atmosphere is thinning, air pollution is rampant, and coral reefs are dying.

What is being done.

Many nations have signed the Kyoto pact, which requires industrialized countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 8% of the 1990 levels between 2008 and 2012. Almost every government in the world recognizes that global warming is caused by man which should help unite nations in successfully curing the current environment of its troubles. A few other nations are beginning to experiment with alterative sources of energy. Germany for example is building enough wind turbines to replace over 20 of its nuclear power plants.

How you can help the environment

By turning off lights and electronic devices, like computers, when they’re not in use or won’t be in use for a while should save a decent amount of energy.

Reusing and recycling things will also save energy, land in a landfill, and resources.

Taking showers instead of baths will save LOTS of water and by showering less than 10-15 minutes you’ll save even more water.

Visiting all of the free click charities or donating to a charity of your choice.

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