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Review of Conquest of the New World

General: This game was great when I bought it and is still great now. You can find this game for under $10 buy it, you will not be dissappointed. Click here if you need help buying Conquest of the New World. I haven't gotten the Deluxe Version but i would love to have it... The original is still great thought and if you can't find the Deluxe verision it's would be just as good, imho. CNW is not really that historically correct but its still a very nice game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very customizable, and very fun. Up to 6 people can play at once. I never got a chance to ever play multiplayer but i'm sure it would have been great (The latest patch can let you play by e-mail) There is a separate tactical screen for battles that is done very well, very simplicitic in a 3x3 chess like battle. Building and upgrading does become a pain though esp. once you've grown quite a bit. Trading also becomes rather tedious if you don't put the persist botton on. I also found out that the persist trade keeps going even if the city was captured. That kinda annoyed me a bit. Oh yea and the mass move button gets really hard to use; like when I'm just trying to have my ships patrol in a large mass and one gets stuke behind a peninsula. One of my worst pet peeves about Conquest of the New World is the absoultely slow movement over mountains.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty well detailed, you can see town's people swimming, cutting logs, fishing, ect., and the terrain is done very well, for graphics from 1996, that is. The units in Conquest of the New World aren't very detailed on the overview, but their animation in the battle view mode are stunningly good.

Sound: The music gets a little annoying after awhile, but it is kinda soothing. I really like the flute, or lute I'm not sure really, backround music since it is really soothing especially after clicking all of those trade buttons.

Summery: Overall I loved this game there are many gameplay issues, but all games have them so i couldn't really dislike Conquest of the New World just for that. I have begun to play is alot less since I'm usually on windows XP. It's really too bad CNW dosn't run well, if at all, on Windows only computers. The gamplay is rather tedious, but its faults are ignorable. Go out and but this game if you haven't.
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