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Hints for Conquest of the New World

Listed below are some helpful hints to Conquest of the New World. If you see a mistake in the following hints please e-mail me.

- Try to get on to islands, so that you can grow in peace until your ready to fight.

- Make sure no AI can take complete control of a major island.

- If an AI get control of a entire Island build up your forces and send a D-Day attack on them

- Always max out your forts and keep an extra general (attacker) inside.

- Specialise your generals. Like make one with 12 attack and the minimum amount of units to defend a city.

- Always be on the look out. If a rival sends out 5 armies for no reason, mobilize your armies.

- The AI isn't smart enough to split up armies so that they can fit on ships. NOTE: this only aplies to later turns.

- Use the Persist\ button on all your explorers after like the 30th turn or when ever you get tired of clicking the explore button.

- Keep trades on persistant to automate them every turn.

- Always feed your young colonies to speed their growth.

- Research leader points, they may be expensive but they're worth it. A couple of upgrades can give you a 3-4 extra points for your Generals.

- Find someone to play with to sharpen your skills. Human players are always smarter than Conquest of the New World's AI, well usually at least. To request a play please use the forums.

- Experiment with different strategies

- Don't play as the natives until your very experienced or on a easy game level.

- Try different combos of point modifyers, some work really well.

- Don't send calvery to take a block infront of 3 cannons if they can't attack that same turn.

- Sacrifice near death units to save others if they are stronger.

- Bring like 3 generals to attack a city. 2 to attack the city 1 and to defend it afterwards.

- If you usually pile up heaps of gold choose miser as a point modifier. For more info on point mods click here.

- A mixed army is better than an unmixed one.

Thats all for now :) i post more later. If you have any tips to add email me

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