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Downloads for Conquest of the New World

Here are a few downloads I decided to put up for Conquest of the New World. I'm planning on putting on a demo or 2 if I can find one, all the patches, and more saved games.

You will NOT find Conquest of the New World here to download. Instead why don't you shell out a few dollars ( $5-7 + shipping) and BUY a copy off of Chips and Bits or Ebay.

NOTE: A new window will open for each download!

Currently I've only put up a few saved games and a couple patches but I'll be adding more saved games in a few months. I will also be searching for the demos of Conquest of the New World. As easy as that may sound I have already searched a bit and it is hard. Like all of the sites that 'have' it leech off of Interplay and the file no longer exists there!


This is the Mac demo Click to download. I'm not sure if it'll work though. My computer might have downloaded the data incorrectly. Hopefully it's fine.

Save Games
Unzip them directly into your Conquest of the New World Folder.
Email me HERE if you have a saved game you want to submit.
Note: I only have the original version so only download these games if you have the orginal game.

Note: To play these saved games unzip them directly into your Conquest of the New World folder. They should show up. Oh and there are 2 files in each zip file, you need them both to play the saved game. I tested them to make sure that they are play able.

1. In this game i'm fighting the Spanish, the only other player left, I have the upper hand of course, but the Spanish have a ton of armies

2. I havent killed any AI's yet, im letting them kill themselves. The colonies are fairly spread out, and Portugal is on the verge of collapse.


Here are the patches for Conquest of the New World

The latest and last patch is Version 1.10(International), 1.12 (US), and 1.01 (MAC)

Download the US PC patch HERE

Mac patch Here You can find the other ones HERE from Quicksilver.

NOTE: If you have the Deluxe Version You do not need the patch.

Whats in the Patch?

"DETAILED INFORMATION ON THIS RELEASE The following is a list of all important changes which have been made in the game since the 1.06 release, along with selected items which may be of interest to users upgrading from earlier releases.
* Saved games: Saved games from previous versions should work correctly with this release. We recommend that you play only new games using this release, however, since some bugs in older releases caused problems with the data files which cannot be corrected by the new release.
* Added the "Final Zoom" check-box, which allows the user to avoid loading graphics for the closest-in zoom level in the interest of saving RAM and increasing performance.
* Fixed a crash which occurred if you traded with a colony that's been destroyed. This was especially problematic if it was a Persistent trade.
* All mentions of Mother Country were removed when playing as the Natives.
* The name "Ferdinand Magellan" was too long and was shortened.
* Fixed occasional "QSLock Failed" problem under Windows 95.
* Esc did not close some windows; it should work everywhere now.
* Combat modifiers for War College: There's always a 2-in-40 chance of hitting and a 2-in-40 chance of missing.
* AutoMap persists across turns. If it's up at the end of the previous turn, it will pop up at the start of the next one.
* In the full version, there is an installer option to copy the sound WAD file to the hard disk, increasing performance.
* Incorrect Diplomacy status numbers no longer occur.
* Added check-box functionality for Independence/Commonwealth/Sue for Peace. This gives the ability to retract it.
* Computer players never seemed to respond to Diplomacy or Trade offers. Now they do.
* AutoDiplomacy is now turned off upon Independence (or always for Natives); previously, this would cause diplomatic messages to be sent by the player when he or she did not want them sent.
* Computer players can now have more colonies if there are fewer of them.
* Scrolling articles in newspaper.
* Some diplomatic status level names were too long to fit on the Our Diplomatic Proposal (Pending) window. The Current Level prompt was too far to the right.
* A new window called the Building List displays all of the buildings in a given colony, along with their current levels and production modifiers. In addition, the window also flags any buildings which have been upgraded this turn. This is especially useful following AutoColony, because it allows a player to see at a glance what the AI has done.
* Added a button to the message announcing a Leader's increase in points so that a player can simply click it and be taken directly to that Leader.
* "Intelligent" retreats: AI players now sometimes run away when combat is not going their way.
* Added to Diplomacy window an indication of what the Mother Country wants a certain relationship to be.
* Exit button: exits game without Save. Disabled in multiplayer games.
* "Add New Player" button in In-Game window when players are joining a new game.
* The game now displays production bonuses for ALL commodities in status bar at same time.
* Convert to Surplus can no longer starve the colony.
* The game now prevents a player from receiving benefits from a War College in a town which has been subjugated. It also stops all investment in the College while subjugated.
* Zoom switch and user interface to allow users to turn off the highest zoom level. This can improve performance significantly on 8 megabyte machines.
* Added IRQ selection for modem/serial users with nonstandard configurations.
* Added "Sole Survivor" endgame condition: if only one player remains in a multiplayer game, that player is declared the winner.
* Added automatic ejection from the game if a player has no Settlers and no colonies after turn 7. This prevents "nomadic" players from remaining in the game.
* Added ability to resign from a game and either disband all units or allow a computer player to take over. * Made a number of other minor user-interface improvements.
* Updated support for foreign languages.
THE COMMONWEALTH FEATURE Commonwealth has been enabled since version 1.06. For players who have not received that upgrade, the following description explains how this feature works: Players may Sue for Commonwealth when they have done at least 60% of the damage to the Mother Country's attacking forces as would be required to reach Independence. Players who achieve Commonwealth status may later declare Independence again. They must do 60% of the damage to the Mother Country that would normally be required to reach Independence. Note that the victory condition for Independence is not simply the winning of three battles, but the destruction of a specific number levels of the Mother Country's units (100 levels). The Commonwealth button will become enabled during any War for Independence when the player has done an amount of damage to the Mother Country equal to 60% of the damage required to gain Independence. Clicking the Commonwealth button will change relations with the Mother Country to Happy and stop any pending attacks. It will also award 500 victory points. When a player achieves Commonwealth, future taxes will be reduced to 20% of their former value. Any pending taxes will still be owed, but 80% of the balance will be forgiven. Trade prices for sales of commodities will improve. If the player was not a Craftsman, prices will improve to the equivalent of a non-Independent Craftsman. If the player was already a Craftsman, prices will be the same as those for a fully Independent player without the Craftsman ability. Players who achieve Commonwealth will still be subject to the Mother Country's dictates regarding relations with other players."
-Excerpt from patch info on

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