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Zoo Tycoon Cheats

Most of the cheat codes that are listed below for Zoo Tycoon have been verified by me. A couple weren't but I'm pretty sure they will work since the others that I tested worked perfectly.

Cheat Codes

Renaming Guest Cheats
Renaming Exhibit Cheats
Misc Cheat Codes

Guest Codes

If you rename a guest with to one of the following names then it will give you something or change your guest's clothes color. Please remember that you have to

Name: Effect

Mr. Blue : Guests wear blue shirts
Mr. Blonde : Guests wear yellow shirts
Mr. White : Guests wear white shirts
Mr. Brown : Guests wear brown shirts
Mr. Orange : Guests wear orange shirts
Mr. Pink : Guests wear pink shirts
Alfred H : White birds attack
Russell C : Fences completely deteriorate.
Zeta Psi : Your guests get sick.
Akiyama : All scenarios become available.
Lou Catanzaro : All animal toys.
Adam Levesque : All animal care buildings.
Andrew Binder : All animal buildings.
John Wheeler : All animal shelters available.
Hank Howie : All STAFF research completes.
Steve Serafino : All researchable endangered animals.
Moneybags or Rich Uncle Pennybags: Extra money every day.

Renaming Exhibits Cheat Codes

If you rename an exhibit you can get these special things. Note: The exhibits MUST be renamed you can not name the following names as the original name.

Cretaceous Corral: Triceratops become available to be adopted
Xanadu: Unicorns become available to be adopted.
Microsoft: Your exhibits get twice as much money donated to them.

Other Cheat Codes for Zoo Tycoon

Press [Shift] + 4 to get $10,000
To get a yellow brick road footpath: Place a lion, tiger, and a bear in an exhibit.

To make all of your Zoo Guides to work for free... rename a FEMALE guide to Rosalie

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