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Zoo Tycoon 2

Planned Release date: September 2004

Well I've just found out that Microsoft and Blue Fang are making a sequel to the orginal Zoo Tycoon game. There are many new and creative additions set to be added to the game. The following are a few of the known additions to the game.

Game Features:
  • 30 unique animals that you can adopt for your zoo and they're all in 3D.
  • Tons of buildings.
  • An option to explore your Zoo as a guest. Sort of like in SimTheme Park, if any of you've played it.
  • A Zoo keeper mode has also been added. It allows you to take care of your animals as the Zoo keeper.
  • Photo Mode where you can take pictures of guests and animals interacting with each other.
  • An encyclopedia on animalscalled a Zoopedia, with detailed information about the various types of animals that inhabit your zoo.

I'll add more information when more info is availible. If you have any info that you'd like to share feel free to email me.

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