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Review of Zoo Tycoon

Total Score: 285/300
Total Grade: A-
Zoo Tycoon is a great game overall. Itís very addictive, entertaining, and easy to use. The graphics are great, but there isnít any background music ( there are sounds though ). Its a must buy/try if you have some extra time.

Score: 90/100
Grade: B+
I really liked the way this game works. Everything is pretty easy to use and itís all in a nice tool bar. The game does get a little choppy on my 2.4 GHz Pentium 4, when I get over 1000 guests, so I can only imagine what people on 200 MHz processors are dealing with. Also the Zoo Keeper responses are delayed which in my opinion is annoying. Also itís a little hard to undo some terrain actions. Luckily undoing actions are really easy with the little reverse button under the tool bar. This game is really addictive. You can go days playing this game. After a while it does get a bit boring since you can build a exhibit plan by memory.

Score: 100/100
Grade: A
The graphics of this game are superb. The animations are really good too. The animals are really detailed too. I mean if you zoom in on a tiger I swear you can almost see its fur. Also all of the animals have realist movement and their movements are really clean, usually. The buildings are very well done as well. If you watch them for a while youíll see them light up, move, or make noise of some sort when ever a guest enters or buys something.

Score: 95/100
Grade: A-
I love to sound of the animals squawking, growling, or honking. Itís hilarious to hear. Some of the background noises do become a bit annoying over time but theyíre quite entertaining as long as you donít play Zoo Tycoon for days on end. Also I noticed a lack of background music which was kind of odd, in my opinion.

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