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Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon
General Info

Even though Zoo Tycoon is the only zoo management simulation game I’ve ever played, it will be the only zoo management game I will ever play. All rip-offs will be ignored. Basically you are given a plot of land, the size varies, and you will build a zoo on it. You can choose to play a free form ( basically a you build a zoo without any goals ) or a scenario ( you build a zoo with goals ).
Most of the scenarios are relatively easy and they teach you the basics of playing Zoo Tycoon, plus they are really fun! Usually I play a free form game since I usually get off task whenever I play a scenario game. There are over 40 animals that you can adopt in the original version of Zoo Tycoon, without any expansion packs. You must house these animals in comfortable exhibits, habitats, or else you will be barred from adopting any more animals. Creating exhibits will be extremely tedious especially when you build one for the first time. Rocks, foliage, and terrain must be altered and added. The pay off is very nice though. Once the guests start to arrive with their fat wallets, you’ll begin to reap the profits of your labor. Also you must construct bathrooms, trash cans, path ways, food stands, and some of the other buildings to keep your guests in the zoo and spending their cash. There are many awards that you may receive to messier your achievements during the game.

Zoo Tycoon System Requirements

- Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me or XP.
- Super VGA video display, capable of 800x600 resolution
- DirectX® 8.0a (included)
- 4 MB graphics card, 16-bit color capable, 16 MB recommended
- Minimum 250MB of available hard disk space, 600 MB recommended
- Multimedia PC with a 233 MHz processor, 300 MHz recommended
- 4x or higher CD-ROM drive
- 32 MB for Windows 95/98 and Windows ME
- 64 MB for Windows 2000
- 128 MB for Windows XP
- Audio board and speakers recommended
- Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.

Zoo Tycoon is a registered trademark of Microsoft.
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