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Well you've stumbled across my SimCity 3000 cheats. Most of the cheats require you to press CTRL+ALT+C+Shift to bring up the cheat code window. It really dosn't matter which buttons you press, as long as your pressing them all at the same time. Also you can enter in or use the cheat codes at any point in the game as you like.
Note: You enter the cheats every time you play or else it gets reset!

Cheat Code: Effect
call cousin Vinnie: A new petitioner will appear in the Meet window. He will announce a "Local Fundraising Event" and offer you some cash. I wouldn't accept it he only gives a few thousand, if my memory serves me right.
garbage in, garbage out: Makes all garbage facilities available.
i am weak: Allows you to place buildings, utilities, trees, zone land, transportation, and surface water free of charge. Changing terrain, however, still costs money.
i love red tape: Sends your city back to 1900
let's make a deal: Forces neighbor cities to start proposing deals with you
nerdz rool: Turns all industry into high-tech non-polluting industry.
pay tribute to your king: All rewards and opportunities become available
power to the masses: All power plants become available regardless of year.
zyxwvu: Before you do this code.

1. Use "call cousin Vinnie"
2. Refuse Vinnie's offer
3. Now use the zyxwvu cheat

The SimCity castle appears in the Rewards menu. It boosts surrounding land value, aura, etc.

Free Buildings
If you had SimCity 2000 and used the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit, SCURK, you know that the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit allows you to place any type of building anywhere in the city, without any costs or implications. This cheat code in SimCity 3000 lets you do the same thing, except when the game is running, it's a bit clunkyer in my opinion too.

Simpily open and close the following windows in the order as written.

1 Power Plants
2 Rewards and Opportunities
3 Garbage Disposal
4 Landmarks
You now should be able to use the Landmarks Window to place any building in the entire game, anywhere you like.