200m Peanut Dash

This page has been updated with the new game link and instructions

Play 200m Peanut Dash

Press the left and right arrow keys as fast as you can to power up your shot. When the Elephante’s face turns red, hit the up arrow key to release the peanut. It’s now time to make the Puppyblew chase that peanut down! Use the right arrow key to make the Puppyblew speed up and the left arrow key to slow it down, to keep pace with the peanut. Along the way, the Puppyblew will be faced with a variety of obstacles that it will have to jump over. If the Puppyblew misses an obstacle, it will be injured and (as a result) run slower. Keep an eye out for bonuses, too — they might come in an unexpected form! Finally, be on the lookout for that pesky Crokabek… he wants to steal the peanut for himself.

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