How to Build a Guild

Updated by dragnldy1313 – June 18, 2009

1. Visit the home page of some guilds: This will give you an idea of what kind of guild you want.

2. Pick a theme. The theme is the basis for a good name and layout that is in tune with it.

3. Pick the name. It needs to be catchy and memorable. You may even want to add special characters to it.

4. Get a nice layout. Get a custom layout. There are MANY people on Neopets willing to do layouts for free. It is against the rules for ANYONE to charge for layouts or graphics. You need to tell them the exact colors, pictures, and number of boxes you want. Be nice to them, after all they are doing it for free.

5. Ask one of your good neofriends if they might want to co-own with you. This is a good way to make sure someone is always advertising.

6. Make a copy & paste ad that you can post on the boards on the “Guild” section. Do not post these ads anywhere else as it is against the rules.

7. Make a guild shop. There is no such thing as a guild shop, but some guilds have decided to make one of their members’ shop into the guild shop. This is not against the rules. The name of the shop should be associated with the name of the guild. The T&C says: “If you are the head of a guild, you may use one of your five accounts as a guild account and it should be named as such (for example, Abandoned Computer Chips Orphanage guild account). In addition to your main account, a guild account can have a store but cannot earn Neopoints in any manner other than through the store, auctions and trades (and anything that happens on that account could impact your other accounts). If you maintain a guild account, you will be held responsible for that account. You are permitted only one guild account per guild.” T&C – Number 6

8. Be active! Organize chats, games, etc with your guild members to get to know them and keep them in your guild.

You are now on your way to creating a fun and substantial guild! You can also visit the FAQs page of Neopets for information on specific questions: Guild Information

Just remember, if you create a guild, keep within the T&C of Neopets. NEVER, ever offer Newbie Packs or prizes of any sort when doing any type of activity in your guild. However, when someone joins, you can send them a welcome gift. When you do certain activities, you can send “gifts” for their participation.

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