Important Neopets Times

At the Money Tree:

  • Balthazar’s Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza – 7 AM (NST)
  • Health Frog Giveaway – 7 AM (NST)
  • Muntando Fruit – Around 10:45 (NST)
  • Chocolate Giveaway – 5:50 PM (NST)

The 3rd of every month is half price day. Set aside some neopoints for this day and stock up!!! (Thanks, Nymph_Kitty!)

Snowager and Geraptiku: Deserted Tomb
6-7 AM
2-3 PM
10-11 PM
All times are in NST, aka PST.
(Thanks, jayme_1_)

Deadly Dice: 12am-1am.

Coltzan’s Shrine Payouts

Click approach the shrine at these times to win!

Stats: –

Speed: Every fifth second of the hour
Defense: Every tenth second of the hour
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour
Endurance (HP): Every hour of the day
Level: Every 2nd hour of the day (eg. 2, 4, 6, 8…) (Rumor has it that at dead on the hour you can earn ten levels not worked for me yet though!)
… on the 15th second, you will gain one level (Thanks, kris11jean)
10 Strength Points: Every 30 minutes past the hour (dead on the second)

most of the time when i click the button at coltzans shrine at –:–:-9 my pet will level up….maybe when the second is 0 it will level up or something (Thanks LurkingTiger)


Food: 11:00 – 12:00 NST
Dubloons: Every 55 seconds past the minute
One Million: 12:00am NST dead on, is random though so you could try everyday forever and not ever get it!

Thanks, nymph_kitty for submitting this info!
Coltzan’s Shrine at :23 seconds gave a dubloon. It is nearly impossible to get anything anywhere around :55 seconds. (Thanks, Leigh)

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