Bouncy Supreme

Bouncy Supreme is part of the ever ellusive Jelly World. It’s a pretty quick, fun and straight forward game. You control a Jelly Blumaroo and guide him across the terrifing Lava Jelly pits, by making him jump at different angles from platform rock to platform rock. If you’re good at quick guess work and have a good hold on physics this game should be a sinch.

Play Bouncy Supreme


If you type “bouncebouncebounce” when playing ‘Bouncy Supreme’ you get an extra life. (Thanks, joey_4569)

If you type in “laser,” you will turn off the radar in the top right-hand corner. Then you can type in ‘r’ to turn it back on.

There is no easy way to get far; however, because the first three jumps have a guideline, I use those to practise and keep it at that throughout the game changing it slightly if the next jump is taller or shorter. (Thanks, Joey!)

When playing, aim at the highest coin and predict how high you’re going to bounce. This will help you get all the coins and add extra time. When you fall into the lava, don’t move your mouse. This will tell you whether you should move your arrow up or down the next time- depending how high you want to go.
(Thanks, Linda!)

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