Dubloon Disaster


If you type “scallywags” whilst playing ‘Dubloon Disaster’ you get a whirlpool. You can only use this once per game (Thanks, joey_4569)

  • Addition: Instead of typing “scallywags” when you need to make a whirl-pool, type in “scallywag” when you are in trouble and don’t have time to type “scallywags” just type in “s” to complete the code. It works every time. -Jennifer

Maelstrom_m says, If you use the “scallywags” trick to create a whirlpool, although it is a rare occurance, any whirlpool the game generates on its own after that will only appear for a moment. Then it dissapears!

If you type in blackpawkeet, before the game starts, you are more likely to get a 100 dubloon. (Thanks, Kate!)

Remember the bombs will follow you, so you can use this to your advantage to draw them together, by driving in between them then driving away really fast. If 2 or more bombs get close enough to each other, they will explode.

I tend to try and blow as many of the bombs up by getting two of them close together, that way there is less chance of me being cornered or in a tight situation. (Thanks, Joey!)

  • In Addition to that: typhoontim says, when you play only get two dubloons then destroy the 2 mines by running them into each other. Then get two more dubloons, and repeat with only two mines, on the map. Its almost imposable to get hit.

Dubloon Points : : Neopoints
2 12 NP
5 30 NP
10 60 NP
20 120 NP
50 300 NP
100 600 NP
167+ 1000 NP

Thank you to everyone who submitted the correction for this.

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