April Fools Day

Every year TNT does some kind of “joke” on all Neopet owners. Below is a list of pranks they pulled on us. These come courtesy of Jellyneo.net. If you want to see the pics, check out their site.

2017 – Befriending Dome – TNT decided the pave the way for a nicer, friendlier Neopia with the grand opening of the Befriending Dome.

2016 – Neopian Net Worth Calculator
With the average Neopets user having played for several years, one thing was on many minds in 2016: “All told, what exactly is my account worth?” TNT, ever anticipating their users’ needs, developed the revolutionary Neopian Net Worth Calculator! This sophisticated algorithm looked at various aspects of your account, from your Neopoints and Stamp Album to your pet’s taste in wearables, to determine your net worth.

2015 – Following the sale of Neopets to JumpStart the year prior, many Neopians were worried that the world they knew and loved would be assimilated into the JumpStart brand. That fear became a reality on April 1st, 2015. On the Front Page –
Neopians were treated to a brand new JumpStart-ified site theme that featured images of the JumpStart world and its characters. Complaints of eyestrain caused by the blue-on-red color scheme plagued the Neoboards throughout the day. The theme was then permanently added to everyone’s theme collections the following morning. The banner ads in rotation for the News Flash section of the front page were changed to show other JumpStart games. Clicking them would take you to their Neopets equivalents. The Notable Neopet section of the front page was replaced with the Viking of the Week, a real competition from the School of Dragons game. The New Items section had goodies from other JumpStart games on display. Payment for these items was listed in Gold and Gems, their Neopoint and Neocash equivalents. These items were not actually released on the site ….. and many more changes

2014 – The Foster Program
After years of service at the Pound, Dr. Death had decided it was finally time to retire from his position as Pound Director. Neopians eager to adopt, trade or abandon their pets that day were greeted with a large CLOSED sign on the property, its services discontinued until a suitable replacement had been found. In the meantime, however, kind Neopians were chosen at random through Random Events to foster the poor pets in his absence. These were real pets that had been in the Pound, and they could be fed and played with just like any other pet. Although you could not paint them with Paint Brushes at the Rainbow Pool or customize them, you could change their color or species with Morphing Potions.

2013 -As the first installment of Neopian news for April rolled out onto users’ screens, The Neopets Team proudly announced that they would once again be making a foray into the realms of real-life merchandise. Plushie and trading card collectors all over Neopia rejoiced. That was until they got a glimpse of what was being preferred.

2012 -Neopians woke early on the morning of April 1st, wallets filled with Neopoints, in excited anticipation of playing silly tricks on each other. Some set out to buy firecrackers and cans of fake Wadjets to scare their friends, while others planned to pick up a creampie or twelve to toss at peoples’ faces. When the shops around Neopia Central ran out of stock, everyone turned to our old friend…

2011 – A pandemic swept Neopia in 2011 shortly after midnight NST on April 1st. Owners who logged in noticed their pets looked a little funny….

2010 -With the help of Morton G. Firefly, users were given the opportunity to prank their Neofriends. There were four types of pranks available: changing one of their pets into a pile of soot, having one of their pets be turned into a “random” colour and species, throwing a pie in one of their pet’s faces, and sliming one of their pets.


When a member logged into their account, their site theme automatically changed to the ‘Neopets Green’ theme. Clicking on the link in the pop-up took you to a page outlining possible features users could ‘look forward to’. (A few curious users also discovered that www.neoplants.com redirected to the main Neopets page). Among the planned changes was the conversion of Neopia to Plantopia, with the world map screen bearing a banner to advertise the upcoming switch.


When you logged in to the site you were presented with a pop-up of one of a number of Neopian characters, informing you that you had been “chosen” to sign up and test out the new “NeoBuddy Beta System”. You may have been visited by Captain Scarblade, Hannah, Isca, Master Vex, Prince Jazan, Princess Amira, Roxton A. Colchester III, Sophie or Dr. Sloth. The pop-up would not go away until the questionnaire was answered.

2007 – Closing the Battledome

TNT decided to “close the Battledome” due to “circumstances beyond their control”. Plus, they claimed to have removed the Battledome section off the boards, all shops that sold battledome equipment and when you clicked on the Hidden Tower, it took you somewhere else.

2006 – Those Nasty NeoCharges (I almost fell for this one)

TNT decided to “charge” everyone neopoints for visiting any page within the site with all sorts of rules on the matter.

2005 – New Pets (I got excited over this one)

TNT thought it was a great idea to create 50 new pets and tell everyone they were going to be released only to learn it didn’t happen. Although a few of them stayed but renamed.

2004 – A Quiguki Card Game)

TNT said we had a new world called Quigara, Quiguki Cards, buddy icons, and other events related to this plus the Avatar which can really be obtained every April Fools Day.

2003 – Neopetz

The entire site became Neopetz instead of Neopets. Neopoints were no longer needed and everything was free

2002 – Stolen Items

Everyone’s SDB and inventory was completely emptied out. They claim it only happened to a few but before the end of the day, all items were returned.

2001 – Neopets Makeover

This gave Neopets new names and new identities.

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