Flash Game Hints & Codes

Here, you will find all the little codes that you can type in to their particular games, and get an interesting result…

Now, keep in mind that this list is FAR from complete, and constantly changing.

Too many people to name really, but thanks to everybody who has made this list possible thus far. Seriously….I don’t want to have to go searching through out the entirety of the web, and constantly spin the wheel of knowledge for these things 🙂
These will be sorted alphabetically, so you can easily locate the game you’re looking for.

  • Advert Attack – nopopups (clears screen of all popups)
  • Attack of the Slorgs – marrow (Extra Life)
  • Attack of the Slorgs – chargex4 (Recharge Laser)
  • Bouncy Supreme – bouncebouncebounce (Extra Life)
  • Bouncy Supreme – laser (Turns radar off, type r to get it back)
  • Buzzer Game – salamander (Skip Level)
  • Carnival of Terror – custard (Refills time bar)
  • Castle Battles – supercannonball (Super Cannonball)
  • Castle of Eliv Thade – rehaxtint (Extra Hint)
  • Chia Bomber 2 – geoffrey (Extra Life)
  • Deck Swabber – vitaminc (Full Health)
  • Destruct-o-Match I/II – destroyboulders (destroys all blocks of a random color.
  • Destruct-o-Match I/II – boohooiwanttheoldgameback (loads D-o-M I)
  • Dice Escape – helpmeplease (Timer = :59)
  • Dice Escape – moretimeruki (Timer = :59)
  • Dubloon Disaster – blackpawkeet (Higher chance to get a 100 dubloon coin
  • Dubloon Disaster – scallywags (creates a whirlpool)
  • Escape to Kreludor – empulse (One square wide shockwave)
  • Faerie Bubbles – bubbles/faeriebubbles (all bubbles the same color, either of the codes will work)
  • Faerie Bubbles – slumberberry (Gray bar back to the top)
  • Faerie Bubbles – stardust (current bubble a Nova bubble)
  • Faerie Bubbles – faerieland (Rainbow Bubble)
  • Faerie Cloud Racers – snowfaerie (All of the obstacles will disappear for the first round.) (Thanks, magic_redrose)
  • Flycatcher – deliciousflies (Gain a life, thanks santaslittledevil10)
  • Frumball – frumball (Extra Life)
  • Frumball – kougra (Skip Level, points reset)
  • Hasee Bounce – doughnutfruit (Time restored)
  • Ice Cream Machine – strawberryvanillachocolate (Extra Life)
  • Korbat’s Lab – spiderbite (Extra Life)
  • Meepit Juice Break – hungrymeepits (extra life)
  • Meerca Chase II – superextrahypergravitymode (Extra Mode, type in at mode select)
  • Meerca Chase II – ferociousneggsareontheloose (Extra Mode, type in at mode select)
  • Snowmuncher – buuuurrrrrrrrp (Decrease bloat by 50%)
  • Sutek’s Tomb – plzsutekcanihavemoretime/scarabeus (30 more seconds(Max 60))
  • Sutek’s Tomb – pyramibread (Hint, multi use code)
  • Tug-o-War – lrslsts (Select Theibos, enter password)
  • Tug-o-War – sltltsr (Select Khadir, enter password)
  • Tug-o-War – sslrtrl (Select Ramset, enter password)
  • Tug-o-War – lrlrss (Select Horak, enter password)
  • Whack-a-Staff Member – a5paragu5 (bigger mallet)

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