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Updated NOVEMBER 19, 2017

Everyone starts out the same. It takes work to earn millions of neopoints as well as time and patience. If you use the links on this site, it will help you to understand how Neopets works. You can also put comments and/or questions on the board for additional help.

When it comes to “free stuff” on Neopets, it’s all random. If a person has millions of neopoints and is lucky enough to get additional free stuff from the money tree or any of the other randomly generated free links such as the garbage dump, then it is the same for everyone. It’s strictly random. So, if you are just starting out and can’t seem to get the free stuff, keep trying. Everyone else is in the same boat.

Random events like, “Congratulations, you just found 500 neopoints on the floor!” are just what it implies “RANDOM”. Should there be more? If the program set up by TNT says it should be more then we would receive more. It’s all random. If you pay for the premium service, you will receive more random items thru the portal. So, if you want more “random” items, I would suggest getting the premium service. I’ve been playing Neopets for five years and the random events I receive are intermittent. Some days I can get as many as 6 random events and sometimes I will go weeks without any. It’s not because my account is older or that I have millions of neopoints. It’s because it’s all “RANDOM”.

The “Wheels” offer many different items and amounts of neopoints you can receive. It has been suggested that “negative” spaces on the wheels should be eliminated. That’s the whole purpose of the wheels – when you gamble (like with any real wheels), you take the good with the bad. TNT can’t make the wheels all positive for beginners so it remains the same for everyone.

Every Newbie gets a starter pack, including 2 paintbrushes. This gives the new Neopet player a chance to change his/her pet without having to buy one. Because it’s not a random prize, it cannot be sold. It’s a “gimme” item. It’s not an item that has been earned so it’s not right to sell a “gimme” item just to earn neopoints. Time and patience will earn you neopoints and items. Afterall, TNT can say “hey, we’re not giving anything away any more” and then the newbies wouldn’t have anything to work with.


Playing the daily featured games will earn you double neopoints. If you don’t know how to play a certain game, keep trying and don’t send in your score until you feel comfortable with it. After all, you’re just starting out and it will take time to learn everything. Play the sponsored games and do the quizzes for easy-earning neopoints.

Newbie vs N00b (they are completely different)

Newbies are players new to Neopets as indicated on their user lookup page underneath the Moohog.

A N00b (old or new player) is an annoying person who is inconsiderate, greedy and scam artists. When they chat on the boards, they abbreviate everything and too lazy to use proper language. They will make promises they cannot keep like “join my guild and you will receive one million neopoints and 6 rare items. They will also beg for rare items and/or neopoints by lying about their circumstances.

A newbie may ask questions like “can someone tell me how to make a shop” or “where do I go to change my background” or “my pet just got some kind of disease – what do I do?”

Don’t get taken in by N00b’s and help out the Newbies when appropriate.


Your pets need to be fed. If not, their mood may change and they will start to die. Your favorite pet can also turn BLUE. A really expensive painted pet could even turn blue. If you don’t have a lot of neopoints, get a free omelette each day which are good for 3 servings of food. Get a helping of jelly which is good for 2 servings of food. Click the links on the daily links page of this site. You will have a chance to win food and/or items ranging from dung to paintbrushes to neopoints.


Use our “free neopoints” page. Most of the links work and can earn you as much as 10,000 neopoints every other day. It’s random. Sometimes it works daily and the amount of neopoints will vary.

Set up your shop when you have enough neopoints and sell all the items you get thru the quick daily links page. Some may be worth 1 np while others could be worth thousands. They are free to you so it’s all 100% profit. Use the Shop Wizard to price your items. This will give you an idea of how much each item costs. If you have trouble selling an item, check the Shop Wizard again because the prices can vary from time to time. You can upgrade your shop when you have enough neopoints but do it wisely. Sell what you can and then expand.

Set you your bank and deposit your money every day. Make sure you collect your daily interest before you make any deposits or withdraws. If you don’t, you will lose that interest for the day.

You can check the Trading Post regularly for some good deals. Just be careful and check prices before doing any buying and/or trading.

Join a Guild!

Joining a guild is a great way to meet other members who have the same interests as you. It will get active on Neopets and is a sure way to have FUN! Make sure you join the right guild. If you are interested in a particular type of guild like “Harry Potter Fans” or something neopet related, you can do a search to narrow down your options. Most guilds will offer Newbie packs for joining, which is fine, but please read the T&C set by TNT about guilds. Contests, prizes, etc are not allowed. Many guilds have been shut down because of this. You must be at least 30 days old to join a guild

Scams are BAD!

Neopia may seem like a safe place but don’t be deceived by those who try to scam. Instead of getting into a big lecture about this, just click this link, TNT’s Anti-Scam page

Terms and Conditions

Make sure you read these carefully, T&C . You can be frozen for a lot of things and lose what you have earned. You can ask questions on the boards but be careful for the N00b’s. When in doubt, ask someone right here on SCNH. You can ask any one of our staff members, Ivy_nite, Soorelen or myself, dragnldy1313 (my neomail as well) or anyone of our fans who frequent this site. All comments posted on here will be reviewed (hopefully daily) before being posted. Have fun with Neopets

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  1. Supercat says:

    Hoping you can help me…..

    why am I locked out of the shops ? half price day seemed to cut me off ?

    I have been locked out….shops have zero for sale for me…. for almost 18 hours now…

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