Escape to Kreludor

Escape to Kreludor is a rather interesting strategy game. You pilot a space shuttle that, for some strange reason, can only fire to the sides. Forget about things in front of you…can’t hit them. You go up against the Dr. Sloth’s regatta of enemy space ships. The catch is this….it’s entirely turn based. You go, then they go…however, they all go at the same time, and they’re dead set on a kamikaze mission for your shuttle.

However, thanks to people like Spencer, we have some tips on how to best utilize Escape to Kreludor to the maximum point aquirement. Now, granted, there’s always other ways…including actually getting to Kreludor…but until we get some serious tips on that….here we go 🙂

This is entirely from Spencer – Play only to the 3rd level. (it shouldn’t be hard) Then kill every bad ship except for the one. then die, and repeat the cycle, until you have 1 life left. By then, you should have 300 points, which is about 260 neopoints. On your last life, kill all of the bad ships and continue normally but you only have 1 life. Youy should be able to get about 450 points including all the gems.

My(protO) take on this game, is this….before you move, take a look at the field and strategize. Look at it and think….if I move this way, they’ll do this…and if I move this way, they’ll do this…..until you figure out what the best move is. The reason for this is, you get 10 points for every enemy ship destroyed…regardless of what type it is (at least on the levels I’ve actually been able to play to). On top of that, if you happen to collect the gems, you get bonus points…if memory serves, 50 per gem.

Also, don’t forget, you have a one time use secret weapon…If you get surrounded (and by surrounded, I mean, you have enemies one square away from getting to you, regardless of which way you move) use the code that’s in our flash section….empulse. It grants you the ability of hitting a red gem, which is a Giant Shockwave that spreads one square in all directions.


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