Tips & Codes

Type frumball before starting the game to get an extra life.

(Thanks, Greg)

Type “kougra” while playing Frumball to skip the level, although your points will get reset.

(Thanks, viki!)

Frumball Power-Ups
3 : Three extra lives.
B : Double Balls
C : Crazy Ball
E : Enlarges Bat
G : Glue, the ball sticks to your bat, so that it’s easier for you to aim.
H : 1 thousand Chokato points
I : Indestructo Ball
L : Slows down the ball.
M : Super Multi-balls
O : Invisible ball
P : Speeds Up the Ball
S : Shrinks Bat.
W : Skip to Next Level
X : An Extra Life
Z : Skip Three Levels
(Thanks, xxEsperexx)

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