Acquiring Your Dream Pet

By: Meredith Eldridge
Date: 1/29/05

Faerie Poogle! Pirate Krawk! Disco Zafara! Whatever it is, we all seem to have some sort of expensive pet that our heart desires. While it may seem impossible to get, you should soon have that dream pet of yours within no time with my simple guide. The key to getting anything in Neopia is saving up Neopoints. You can’t expect to have a Draik Egg by next week if you spend all of your time buying doughnuts for your pet! An important thing to remember is that every little amount of Neopoints you earn adds up to a lot later. Here are my guidelines to earning your dream pet:

1. Don’t save up for something if you don’t have time for it- if you are trying to read all the books in Neopia to your pet, or trying to get 200 avatars, you probably aren’t going to get your Royal Paint Brush very quickly. Getting an expensive item is all about dedication. You can’t expect to get your Paint Brush if you only log onto Neopets once a month. But keep in mind some Neopians earn Neopoints faster than others. You just have to find your calling. For some it is restocking, for others it is the stock market. Some people are really good at games and get all their Neopoints from playing them all day! Other people just get really lucky! They might find a Paint Brush in a random event or they might win one from a game. It is possible to win a Tyrannian Paint Brush from the Wheel of Monotony, so keep trying!

2. Focus on one pet at a time- I’m sure your mind is going crazy with all of the possibilities. But it will be a lot easier if you can focus on one pet at a time. Maybe go with the cheaper one. And remember, you can have up to four pets on one account, so sooner or later you can have four dream pets! Once you have your first dream pet completed, the next one will probably come easier to you. You’ll want to get that next Paint Brush as soon as possible! That’s why it is best to start with the cheapest pet and go up from there.

3. Be patient- you would have to be very talented to buy a Krawk Transmogrification Potion and a Pirate Paint Brush in one day. I’m sure someone has done it, and if that someone is you, well congratulations. Anyway, you have to take it step by step no matter how long it seems to be taking. As I’m sure you know, some Neopians have 10,000,000 Neopoints while others have 2 Neopoints. It’s all about earning and saving.

4. Be wise with your Neopoints- before buying something you think you need, really think about it. Would you rather have a Cloud Speaker for your Neohome or a Pirate Krawk? Example: if you are buying a Pink Sparkly Brush for your Neofriend, use your brain. Couldn’t your Neofriend buy that herself? She probably doesn’t even need it. You might think: “Well, it is only 2000 Neopoints; it won’t hurt in the long run.” But if you keep doing things like that, it will eventually add up. If you bought a 2000 Neopoint gift for your favorite Neofriend once a week, think how much it would add up. 2000 NP x 4 (approx.) weeks in a month = 8000 NP. 8000 NP x 12 months in a year = 96,000 NP. That would be 96,000 Neopoints per Neofriend in one year, not including extra costs in the month of Celebrating! I’m not telling you to stop giving gifts to your Neofriends, I’m just telling you to be wise with your Neopoints! Use your noggin! =)

5. Don’t slack off- always do your dailies. If you were too lazy to play Tombola one day, you might have won two Bottled Faeries! If you didn’t do the Advent Calendar on December 24, you missed out on a free Plushie Petpet Paint Brush! Never skip anything that is free. Don’t forget your monthly freebies at The best ways to earn Neopoints is dailies, games, restocking, and the stock market. You can find excellent guides for all of these on Neopian’s pet pages. Once you have some Neopoints, go straight to the Neopian Bank and deposit them! Repeat after me: The Neopian Bank is my friend! Got it? Good.

6. Explore Neopia and participate in activities- going around Neopia will earn you lots of random events. Some are bad, but some are very good. If you are saving up for a Baby Paint Brush for your Kougra, and Boochi zaps your Kougra, you no longer need to buy a Baby Paint Brush! Faerie Fountain Quests can also give you a good deal. It’s good to participate in activities. You can earn Neopoints from the Caption Contest, Beauty Contest, Mystery Pic, etc. You also earn Neopoints and items from referring people to Neopets.

7. Be logical- you will save so many Neopoints is you just use your head! There is no reason to buy tons and tons of toys and grooming items for your pets. Your pets can share one grooming item and you do not need more than two toys per pet. There is really no reason to buy food for your pets. I say that because of the Soup Faerie, Giant Omelette, etc. One of the most common ways to save Neopoints on toys and food is by using the Neolodge. All you have to do is put each of your Neopets in the Cockroach Towers with no extras, and you will save a lot. Trust me.

Well Neopian, I hope my Guide has helped you. Neomail me anytime if you need any more help. Remember the Help Button on the yellow side bar and the Help Board are your friends. Just remember never to beg on the Message Boards. That makes life miserable for those hard-working Neopians that have already achieved their goals. Someday you will be one of those, if you are not already. Just remember to always think before you do anything. There’s nothing worse than losing thousands of Neopoints because of a couple of careless mistakes! Now go earn your dream pet! Good luck!

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