Korbats Lab

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By: josh_MFEMFE

Game hints/cheats – Korbats Lab

Gain 1 life- type in spiderbite at the beginning of a game to gain 1 life (one time per game) (thanks, Mike!)


  • Bomb : blows up blocks around it.
  • Fire : drops fire straight down, destroying blocks.
  • Brown : hit it with the ball, as many times as the number on the block,

Block drops:

  • Neopoint bag – adds 50 points to your score
  • Skull – loose 1 life

Power ups:

  • Black potion w/ green jar – shoots rocket straight up destroying blocks
  • Blue potion w/ dk. blue jar – faster bat
  • Blue potion w/ lt. blue jar – bat becomes slower (time limited)
  • Destroy – Multiplies the ball alot, but dont use in the start or it will be wasted(once per game) (Thanks, SAFE)
  • Monster Movie – Changes the color into black and white (Thanks, SAFE)
  • Pink potion w/ clear jar – turns bat normal size
  • Pink potion w/ pink jar – small bat
  • Purple potion w/ blue jar – bigger bat
  • Red potion w/ black jar – advance to next level
  • Red potion w/ brownish jar – red ball goes through any block (time limited)
  • Red potion w/ yellow jar – Xtra life
  • Skip – Skips the level your on and you can use it any time (Thanks, SAFE)
  • Yellow potion w/ red jar – switches bat direction. left, use right arrow, right, use left arrow

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