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Neopets Stock Market

UPDATED 2/7/2010 – I have listed all of the FAQs as it is found on the Neopets site. I hope this will help everyone understand the Stock Market.

What are stocks…

A company can choose to offer a percentage of itself to the general public which means means everyone can invest in this company if they want to. When you buy stock in a company, it means you are purchasing a “share” which is a portion of that company. You’re not an owner, just an investor.

Ticker Symbol

This is a way to identify certain company. Each company has 2-4 letters which is unique to that company. For example: Lupe Consolidated has the ticker symbol LUPE. Powlex Corporation has the ticker symbol POWL.

How and when do I purchase stocks?

To buy stocks click on the ‘Buy’ link at the top of any of the Stock Market page. If you know the ticker symbol, enter it with the number of shares you want to purchase. Your limited purchase is a maximum of 1000 shares per day.

If you don’t know the ticker symbol, you can review the full list by clicking


You cannot purchase any stock for less than 15 NPS. The reason for this is to keep the market in balance and prevent crashes and inflation.

When should I buy my stocks?

Its best to buy stocks when prices are quite low. Follow what a stock price has been for a few weeks before buying. If the stock price suddenly dips, that is normally a good time to invest.

When and how do I sell my stocks?

It is best to sell stocks when their prices are high, or they have increased since you bought them. Check your stocks every day. Sometimes they could go below 15 but they could soar. The higher the stock, the better the return on your nps.

You can sell your stocks from your portfolio. Locate the stock you want to sell, click the grey triangle to the left of the icon, and enter the number of shares you would like to sell in the text field in the right column. Then click the “Sell” button at the bottom of the page.

If you want to make a trade, a commission fee of 20 NPS is charged by Nigel the Chia for each trade you want to make.

Other information

If you click on New/Research at the top, it will take you to a page where you can see what the Current Neodaq Index is for the day and what the Stock of the day is.

Click “Profile” and put in the ticker symbol and this will give you a profile of that particular company.

Message Board

This link will take you to the Neopets Boards if you have any questions and you want to ask another Neopian.

My Portfolio

This is a list of the stocks you purchased and shows what the stock opened with for the day, the day’s holdings, and the overall market value and percentage change.

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