Castle Battles


  • Castle Battles is rather remniscant of most childhood memories. Playing castle blox with a friend, building them up, and then destroying them. Usually with your feet, but often times with some other such impliment of destruction.

    This is coming from one of our loyal fans, Staine:

    Castle Battles is fairly simple game where the objective is to knock the opponents treasure outside of its square with your cannon ball. You gain points for destroying the castle and knocking down the flags. There are two helpful tricks in this game:
    1) You occasionally get an oversized cannonball. (I haven’t figured out a pattern)
    2) Once the cannonball is on the ground you can “drive” it around using the left and right arrows on your keyboard.

    From IOwnYouSon – You said you cannot figure out how the cannonball gets bigger. It gets bigger when you hit that yellow flag randomly placed on the map.

    There’s also a flash cheat code listed in that section of our website.

    protOplasmatic Thank you ZhenDiego for the following hint: If you continuously press the space bar while it is your enemy’s turn, the power gauge will be in your control to weaken or strenghthen.

    Thank you wil stelzer: The cannonball can be steered around while in the air as well as on the ground.

    Hung says, type supercannonball before u shoot to get a super big ball. It will knock out over anything. U can use it once per game.

    eragon_630 says, to get a large cannonball, you must knock over one of the flags on the ground.

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