Destruct-o-Match III

Destruct-O-match III

From dragnldy1313 ~ SCNH Staff

Group boulders of the same color and then click them twice to remove them. Only groups of two or more matching boulders can be removed this way. The more boulders you clear at once, the more points you earn.

There are five (5) modes for DM III

Zen Mode is just for fun and no nps are awarded.

Classic Mode is basic, just like the other games. Nps are awarded.

Extreme Mode is a race against time. If the boulders reach the top of the screen, then the game is over. You only need to click the boulders once to remove them in this mode.

Double Trouble – Battle two screens of rising boulders. Test your skills on this one.

Double Trouble Extreme – Faster than Double Trouble and the boulder rows start lower than the other one.

The graphics have changed for the powerups.

A set of 3 squares will add a new row of boulders to the top row. Best time to use this is when you have 1 or 2 color boulders left. When you do that, only the colors you have left to click will drop down. For instance, if you have 3 blues and 2 green and the morph is on the blue boulder, it will destroy the three blue but give you a whole row of green giving you more points.

The number on the boulder is the same as the other games. It’s a timer. Get rid of this one first

Three chicken legs is a multiplier – Earn 3x the points. Group as many same-color boulders that you can to earn the most points.

The Paintbrush – Overkill – This will destroy all the same-color boulders as indicated on the overkill boulder. Try to group all the boulders of the same color together. The more boulders you have, the higher the score

Morph (Green circle with a white square in the center) – This will change the colors of all the boulders. Save this one until near the end when you start running out of plays

Crossed Spears – Wild Card – Use this on any color combination

Dinosour – Undo – New to the game. We never had an undo before. It’s a one-time use. When you click this block, it will appear below to be used later.

Flying Dino – Shuffle – New to the game. One-time use as well. Click this and it will be placed below for later use. It will shuffle all of the boulders. Good to use when you get close to the end and your combinations are running low

Scamander – Only used in the Extreme Mode. Prevents columns of boulders from rising

Volcano – Explodes the boulders around it but only earning you 2 points. Save this one until the very end.

I tried entering boohooiwanttheoldgameback to play the previous versions and it didn’t work. I also typed in destroyboulders during the game and that did not work either.

Try to group as many boulders you can of the same color for a higher score. I destroyed 45 boulders and received a score of 88. The more you group, the more you earn. Also, try to use the powerups toward the end. Mostly the Overkill (paintbrush).

I used the 3x multiplier on only 18 boulders and got a score of 108

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