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Codes for Meerca Chase 2

Type these in at the beginning of the game, when you can select a speed and mode.

superextrahypergravitymode : A new mode with a black hole will be unlocked.

ferociousneggsareontheloose : A new mode with red neggs that run around will be unlocked, it’s very similar to Dubloon Disaster, except the Neggs don’t follow you.

Meerca Chase II Tips!

  • It’s better to play it full screen because you will notice that when you’re moving up or down, you move slower. It will also focus your mind on the game, not the surroundings outside of the window. Plus, the color you choose will help you think more clearly. Like for me, bright colors do.(Thanks, Linda!)
  • Some people like to use one hand to move the meerca, but two hands will prevent you from pressing the wrong direction because you know which hand is pressing which direction. (Thanks, Linda!)
  • If your not that great Meerca Chase, its kinda slow! I suggest (for practice) play a game on your cell phone. Most cell phones have a game called snake..or something very close. Play that to get better. Its espcialy great when your out, when you’re not doing anything! (Thanks, Kevin!)
  • Once you have alot of red neggs on the board, think about your actions. Circle around the area before you get the negg you want, to help the chances of you getting out in tight spaces.

    Also keep playing, don’t submit your score untill you have at lest 350 points; for some, it may take awhile, but you’ll get better at it fast. This also betters your chances of getting a fish negg. (Thanks, Tin-Tin)

Easter Eggs
By: Soorelen & Ivy_Nite

Click on the bottom of the Meerca’s right eye and one of the staff members pop up, However I’ve not seen it do anything.

James says: When clicking on the Meercas eye, move it until a hand appears.

Hyper Gravity Mode
Alright this is the game difficulty and type I use for Meerca, My Fiancee doesn’t like as she says it makes it to hard, but the point are well worth it. Type in superextrahypergravitymode on the main screen and it will unlock a new mode of play. You can only play this mode on hard, but the negg values skyrocket up.

Evil Red Neggs
Now this one is fun if you are looking for a change. Type in at the main screen ferociousneggsareontheloose …. The Red Neggs will now chase you around 🙂 it’s cute.

These next to things were sent in from a couple of different people. Mandy says that “Sometimes when you play Meerca Chase, your tail kind of falls off, and you can keep playing without a tail! But unfortunatly, there isn’t a code for it.”
And Kimberly says “On Meerca Chase I, when you are at the start screen either click in the very top right hand corner OR press tab then really quickly press enter. A thing will come up following the mouse. It says “::j.boogie::”. I think it gives you a high chance of having good neggs or will not give you so many red neggs on the screen. Hope this tip helps!” Sharon and JJ sent in “Press the “tab” button on the near top left corner of your keyboard and immediately after that press “enter” then a staff member will pop up and will be holding fish neggs. Note: this all happens after you crash”

Thanks you two…great tips.

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